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DesignRush is in the business of making the process of hiring agency partners a more seamless transaction. Their platform ranks the best agencies throughout the world in an effort to mitigate the frustration that often comes with finding the right fit. The network exhibits more than 10,000 listed professional agencies from more than 50 countries. We are contented to announce today that DesignRush has named Nillo Creative LLC a Top 3 Web Design Company in Connecticut for 2022.

 “This designation is one that we are proud of and honored by, and we feel especially fortunate given we are truly doing what we love every day,” said Nicki Ley, Founder and Lead Designer of Nillo Creative LLC.

Nillo Creative LLC was founded by Nicki during a global pandemic that prompted many to step back and reevaluate their standing. Realizing there are a multitude of businesses (in Connecticut and beyond) that simply do not present themselves in a favorable light on the web, Nicki endeavored to do something about it. With over 20 years’ experience in web and graphic design, Nicki realized she could make a positive impact and help businesses put their best foot forward and have websites that convert. In her time as a web designer, Nicki has worked with the likes of Stephen Hawking, Spontaneous PR, and on countless small business websites in Connecticut.

DesignRush‘s commitment to providing consistent B2B solutions is exemplary, and by this knowledge, we are acutely proud of this recognition.

CT Web Designer – Nillo Creative LLC