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Want to improve your search engine ranking? This is a decent place to start for beginners. For many, the topic of search engine optimization (SEO) can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Google is the most popular website in the world, racking up almost 90 billion views each month. Google ranking matters because the first five organic results that appear on the first page account for more than 68% of all clicks. Below are some steps that can help you put your best foot forward and create better visibility for your business on the web.

1.) Create a Google Business page

The Google My Business app is being replaced soon by Google Maps and Search. You should start using both to keep your business up to date and connect with customers in your area. If you’re unsure of how to do this, Nillo Creative LLC doesn’t just offer Connecticut web design, we also assist with services of this type.

 2.)  Improve Your On-Site SEO

What this means it that you need to improve your on-site keywords. Sound intimidating? It shouldn’t take you any more than three minutes. If you’re trying to rank for a certain keyword, it’s important this keyword appears at the beginning of your title tag. For example, you might have the title tag as “Discover the Best SEO Tools”. You should alter this to: SEO Tools: Discover the Best. This is known as “frontloading” your keyword. Google is commonly known to pay more attention to terms that appear early in your title tag.

3.) Make Sure Your Content Contains at Least 1,500 words

This may sound daunting, but you should aim for at least 1,500 words of content on your pages. Why? It is evidenced that the average first-page Google result contains at least 1,500 words. If this is something that seems completely out of your wheelhouse, consider hiring a copywriter. It’s an expense that could pay for itself.

4.) Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

What is a responsive website? A responsive website is mobile-friendly, meaning it is optimized for mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. Not sure if yours makes the cut? Just plug in your URL to Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test and find out. Not only is this important for search ranking, it’s critical to retaining new customers because more than 50% of all website views originate on a mobile device.

5.) Check Your Website’s Load Speed

The faster your website loads, the better it’ll rank on search giants like Google. If your website is bogged down, Google isn’t going to be keen on sending visitors its way. Average load time is an important factor. You can test your website’s load time by using a free tool provided by

6.) Lower Your Bounce Rate

If a user lands on your page and quickly bounces back to the search results, Google notices this and penalizes your website for it. Not penalize in the traditional sense, but in how it will affect your ranking. This demonstrates that visitors are unhappy with your website which signals to Google that they need to revoke your high standing. In order to keep this from happening, you need to make sure your content delivers what people are searching for. If you have a lot of content on a particular page, try adding a table of contents so visitors can quickly get to the segment they are interested in so they don’t quickly back out.

7.) Create High-Quality Content

If you want to appeal to the average potential client, you need to make high-quality content a priority. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by authoring a blog on your website. With a blog you can demonstrate you are an authority in your industry by providing useful content that will appeal to your average client/customer. You are then able to target your top keywords within the blog post which in turn helps with search engine ranking. Again, pay careful mind to your blog post titles — they are paramount to ranking.

 If you have noticed, there are a lot of free tools at your disposal to help improve SEO and you should absolutely use them if you have plans to take care of your SEO on your own. If you do feel intimidated and are not up to the task, this is a service we offer to all of our web design clients. Standard SEO is absolutely free, and we also offer advanced SEO for a premium.

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